vibro acoustic


Vehicle Type approval tests according to national & international regulations such as Pass-by noise ,Exhaust noise , Tire noise, audible warning and lock

Sound analysis of electro- acoustic parts such as loud-speaker , horn

Vehicle Interior noise

Sound measurement in semi-anechoic chamber

Measurement of Unwanted noise of components under
vibration in acoustic chamber

Sound power , Sound intensity & Noise source identification

Sound quality

Bearing noise & vibration

Sensitivity analysis of transducers & Sensors

Resonance search

Experimental & operational modal analysis

Engine Vibration analysis

Rotating machinery analysis such as order analysis ,order tracking, static & dynamic unbalancing ,Belt characterization

Mass moment of inertia

Determination of acoustical properties

Determination of dynamic properties of resilient parts

Shock absorber


Semi- anechoic chamber

Dynamic stiffness test bench

Bearing noise test bench

Unbalancing test bench

Damping test bench

Moment of inertia

Two axis shock absorber test system

Impedance tube

Small acoustic cabin

Dynamic signal analyzer 4,5,6,32 input channel

Accelerometer,Microphone,Force transducer,Pressure transducer , Sound intensity probe

Sound Level Meter

Laser Vibro-meter

Modal Shakers & Hammers

General Description

The main activities of the laboratory are Sound & Vibration analysis and Determination of vibro-acoustic material’s characterization

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