Fluids and Fuel System Lab



Durability test for hoses of coolant system under pressure and movement (separately and simultaneously)

Functional test system for radiator and degassing bottle cap.

Functional and durability test system for thermostat

Measuring flow system for thermostat

Thermal shock test system for radiator

Detection and Measurement of leakage system (by dunk tank, air pressure decay and helium system according to leakage rate)

Leakage measuring system in vacuum

Aging system for test of fueling system under pressure and temperature combined cycling (fuel injection, hose, filter and hose clip)

Operation and durability test system for fuel pump(gasoline pump)

Fire resistance test system for fuel tank

Roll over test system for fuel tank (gasoline and diesel)

Complete system test for flow measuring and operation of HVAC’s vent

Dynamic test for fuel system

Creep and static ventilation test for fuel tank

Automatic dunk tank system for measuring leakage in fuel tank

General Description

This Lab. deliver test services for fluid-based vehicle systems such as cooling system, fuel system and CNG system. Also our Lab. delivers some test services for engine oil, engine air delivery, engine turbo charger, brake and HVAC system.
Diversity methods of leak detection and leak measurement test such as pressure decay, pressure leak flow, vacuum leak flow, dunk tank and helium leak detection could be done in this lab. Also we deliver performance, endurance and fatigue test services in which auto parts go under various pressure, thermal and movement cycles which could be done separately or simultaneously.

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