Mechanic Lab


The assembly

The assembly and disassembly Force


Force measurement

Force at a constant rate

Radial/Axial/Conical/torsion static stiffness -mirror Impact

Flexibility coefficient

Measurement of the coefficient of Springs

Seat endurance and performance test machines:

Front seat reclining mechanism endurance (5 phase)

Deformation of cushion

Endurance of seat height adjuster mechanism

Test of strength of the seat back

Test of the performance of the head restraint

Front seat guide rail mechanism endurance


Friction coefficient test of Bolts and nuts

Tensile machine



A variety of tools and manual measurement equipment

General Description

In order to deliver professional test services this lab is equipped with modern and divers test rigs for performance and endurance test of vehicle seats, Head rest test according to ISIRI6503&6506, seat belt tests, door hinges and laches tests according to ISIRI6773, Bolts, nuts and screws friction force measurement test rig and a variety of force meters, Torque meters, and also universal tension and compression test machine. Enjoying expert engineers, delivering sophisticated test services for static stiffness is possible.

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