Powertrain labratory


General endurance test (500hr.)

Over-speed engine test (110hr.)

power engine test(150hr.)

Exhaust thermal shock test(250hr.)

Vibration analysis endurance test

Piston seizure test(50hr.)

Engine timing belt characterization test

Engine timing belt flapping test

Endurance test of accessory belt

Stop-Restart engine endurance test

Engine deep thermal shock - 25° C

Catalyst testing

ECU calibration optimization

Starter electrical & mechanical endurance test

Spark plug Electrode temperature test

Spark plug ignition required voltage test

Engine design validation test

Engine COP test

Cold start test


AVL passive and A/C dynamometers - up to 240 kw, 600 N*m, 10000 rpm

Engine axillaries loading system

Fuel conditioning unit

Air mass flow meter

Blow-by meter

Combustion Air Handling Unit(temp ,humidity and pressure)

Throttle actuator unit

10 pressure channel for each cell

32 temperature channel for each cell

Automated multiple data acquisition channels and control (
various systems and speeds)

Automatic fire extinguish system

Various test fuels utilized (examples: gasoline/gasoline blends, diesel, and alternative fuels)

Oil consumption measurement

Automatic fuel consumption meter

General Description

ITRAC powertrain department was established in 1998.Powertrain department perform a wide variety of engine endurance, performance and functional testing programs for engine manufacturers and their suppliers. Engine endurance evaluations are performed for customers including light-duty OEMs, passenger car OEMs, industrial equipment manufacturers and engine components suppliers.
ITRAC engine test stand configurations meet diverse testing requirements and needs. Precision data acquisition and control systems provide flexible and repeatable engine control. Data acquisition rates vary depending on customer requirements, with typical rates at once/minute and once/stage. Humidity, temperature and pressure intake air control is available, as well as precise control of various other temperatures and pressures such as engine oil and coolant using PID loop control.

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