Hoses & tubes




Durability (Continued operation)


Resistance at low temperature

Bending of house

Cylinder valve, check valve, Regulator, Manual valve, Pressure gauge and other kit components

Overpressure(strength test)

Pressure cycle

Temperature cycle at working pressure


Durability (Continued operation)


Hydrostatic pressure burst

Ambient, low & high temperature pressure cycling

Leak before break


Penetration (gunfire)

Acid environment

Composite flaw tolerance

High temperature creep

Accelerated stress rupture

Resin shear strength

Impact damage

Boss torque


Natural gas cycling


Static or cycle hydraulic pressure (water): with frequency range up to 10 cycle/min and max. pressure of 1500 bar.

Static or cycle pneumatic pressure (air): with frequency range up to 5 cycle/min and max. pressure of 400 bar.

Impulse test (oil): with frequency range up to 0.5 HZ and max. pressure of 200 bar.

Leakage (air): Doing leakage of cylinder valve, regulator and other CNG kit equipments under working pressure and more up to 400 bar.

Temperature cycle test: temperature cycle form -40ºc to 85/120ºc under max. working

Helium leak detector: measuring leakage with helium and high accuracy.

General Description

This laboratory features a high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic versatile testing system, that is capable of testing CNG station components & assemblies, CNG and LPG kits, metal and composite cylinders such as CNG, fire extinguisher and industrial capsules, broking & steering hoses fuel hoses and high pressure tubes according to National and International standards such as ECE R110, ECE R115, ECE 324, ISO 15500, ISO 11439, ISO 9809, EN3,SAE J1401,ISO14469,CSA 1250,CSA 12.52,CSA 12.54 etc… . In addition we can perform periodic inspection and testing of CNGand indstriol cylinders according to ISO19078,ISO6406.

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