Lighting laboratory


Photometry measurement (cd and lx)

Light intensity distribution patterns and Isolux diagram

Luminous flux of bulbs (lm)

Bulbs and lamps colorimetric tests (xyz)

Reflectance and transmittance factors of glass and mirror (ρ, ρd, τ, τd, τdif)

Cil value of retroreflecors

Photometry of license plate lamps (cd/m2)

Vehicle test

Dirty lamp test


Goniophotometer (Type A)

Integrated Sphere (1m)


Reflectance and transmittance measuring system


Luminance meter

Calibration equipment

General Description

The various tests of optical parts such as bulbs, lamps, retroreflectors, mirrors and glasses are performed in this laboratory according to international standards and manufacturer norms (ECE, KES, JIS, SAE, IEC and ISIRI)

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