Paint & petroleum products


The lab's primary mission is to help automotive manufacturers specially iran khodro and  it’s supplier (Sapco) to meet the needs of this two companies in the field of testing and technical advice.

In this case the paint laboratory dedicated for color and painted surfaces tests in the other word paint section do quality control functions provided by Iran Khodro's products.

In petroleum products section duty is different. this section contain several different smaller section.

Different parts of this section are: The oil, grease, glass washing fluid , cooling fluid, brake fluid, glue, sealer and PVC.

paint and petroleum products lab has certificate of standard organization of iran and  the ISO 17025 has the approval by DAKKS and Renault of France and PSA of France.

This tests doing according to iranian national standards and ISO; BS; ; Renault; PSA; DIN and ASTM.


Physical and mechanical properties of the paint tests contain: adhesion, gloss, hardness (persoz & konig),
color resistance  to  immersion and humidity and autoclave, measuring the density and viscosity, color gradation and resistance to Chipping ...

Lubricants tests including : Viscosity measurement and flash point (open and close cup), PH and density and freezing point; cloud point and pour point and Noack test and wear properties of oil and lubricants (four ball) and measurement of water content in oil and oxidation of oils.

type of fluids  (antifreeze, brake and cooling) included in: glass corrosion, heat resistance, measure the boiling point and freezing point and compatibility with water and foam test.

type of glue and sealers  including: ash and solid content; density; measurement to open time, strength and stretch and shear and elongation with tensile equipment and Peeling and corrosion and ...

General Description

Paint & petroleum products lab contain 2 general sections that each of these has deferent activity.
In this lab provide all of technical service and doing test about painted surfaces in vehicles and chemical materials and petroleum products that use in vehicles.

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