Metallurgy Laboratory


Metal hardness testing in all scales: Vickers , Brinell ,knop ,Rockwell.

Microstructure and Metallographic tests with general light microscopes and scanning Electron microscope(SEM) such as:

Determination of Austenite and Ferrite grain size ,Inclusions content , Case depth and evaluation of Heat Treatment and process defects.

Mechanical testing of Materials as :Tensile and Impact.

Quality and thickness of different coatings.

Fractography, consideration of fractured surface to evaluate the probable causes of fracture with Stereo microscope and SEM.

Non-Destructive test: eddy current , Ultrasonic, Magnetic particles and Liquid Penetration on ferrous and non Ferrous  parts.

Metal element analysis of Iron ,Aluminium , copper and zinc base alloy by optical emission spectrometery.

Attn: Ultrasonic and Eddy current Inspection and magnetic particles can be done by(professioned) persons with level 2 cerificate.

Reasearching tests as : Wear Resistance (Reciprocal and Pin on Disc  Mecuanisms)and Hardenability of steels(JOMINY), Heat Treatment with furnace and salt bath in different cooling Media such as:Water, Oil and Air.

Different test to control quality of welding in  from of non  destructive or destructives.


Wolpert Hardness tester up to 3000 kgf (Brinell, Rockwell and Vicker )

Wolpert  hardness tester  10 gr  to 10kgf( vicker and knop)

wolpert Universal hardness tester 1 kg to 250kgf ( Brinell , Vickers , SHIMADZU hardness tester Equo Tip

Image Analyser ZEISS microscope with magnification up to 1000X

Stereo Microscope LEICA with magnification up to 40X

scanning electron Microscopy (SEM) LEO with up to 300000 X magnification and ability to microanalysis

Ultrasonic Non-Destructive  tests(STAVELVE)

Eddy current Non-Destructive tests(STAVELVE)

Magnetic Particles(KARL DEUTCH)

Tnsile test ZWICK 5 tons with extensometer

Tensile test WOLPERT 60 tons with extensometer

Wolpert Impact tester


General Description

Metallurgy laboratory is established to best services to Suppliers ,Producers ,Inspectors and Experts in Automotive Industry .It was accredited according ISO 17025 and participated in several proficiency tests with reliable European laboratories in different materials testing such as :
Hardness tests , Charpy Impact tests , Tensile tests ,Metallographic tests, metal analysis to improve the quality level of tests.

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