Chemistry Laboratory


Chemical analysis of PGM on catalytic convertor & grinding up to micron size

Quality control testing of metallic and paint coating such as Corrosion testing ، Artificial ageing to UV, Artificial ageing to climatic change and artificial sunlight (Xenotest) ،Colorimetric and grain measuring with eye & equipments Coating weight, staining, rubbing, whitening , Coating detection ,…

Chemical analysis by wet chemistry methods of metal elements (Cd, Cr, Ni, Co,) by Atomic absorption & Carbon sulfur analysis, Polymer base analysis by FT-IR & TGA, Analysis of inorganic fillers of polymers

Quality control of chemical parameters of refrigerant gas (such as R134a) by GC-FID-TCD, Karl fisher ,…





Xenotest (Atlas Beta –LM)

Atomic absorption (Varian AA200)

FT-IR (Perkin Elmer GX)

C-S mat 6250

Climatic chamber (Angelantoni-ACS)

Accelerated weathering tester (QUV/Spray)

Spectraflash (Datacolor

Pendulum hardness tester

Electronic crockmeter

Precision Balance (At-400, AG-204)

Spectralight III cabin (Gretamacbeth)

Multiangle spectrophotometer (X-Right MA681T)

Gloss meter (Micro-triangle)

100% Humidity chambers

Immersion in water chamber

HPLR solar box

Salt spray chambers



Ball mill

General Description

It is responsible for doing and following to do all the chemical tests on parts, paint, chemical materials, textiles,… that used in Ikco .This lab is started to work from 1995 and also is the first lab in Iran that was accredited by DAP (accreditation body of Germany) under ISO17025 standard in 1999.Now we have a group of laboratories in IKCO parts and supplier companies that their related activities are managed by this chemistry lab through periodic auditing and consulting.

All test activities in this lab are categorized in the following main sections:

1. Paint & metallic coatings tests :
2. Chemical Analysis (of metallic elements & polymer materials)
3. Chemical analysis of Refrigerant gas

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