Electric and Electronic Lab


The most important tests that can be done in this laboratory according to international and factory standards are listed below:

Environmental tests:

Resistance to climatic condition, Resistance to Heat or Cold, Thermal shock, Mechanical shock, rain test, etc.

Characteristic tests:

Power consumption, voltage drop, frequency range, working voltage and temperature, over voltage and over current protection, insulation resistance, dielectric rigidity, impedance measurement, etc.

Endurance tests in variable environmental and electrical conditions.


High current power supply

Loud speaker testers

Current source

Electrical active loads (CC, CR, CV, and CP)

Clamp ampere meters

Milliohm meter

Programmable function generator

Programmable dielectric and insulation tester (5KV)

Multimeter and calibrator

Storage oscilloscope

RLC meter

Programmable control units for endurance tests

High voltage probe (20KV)

Climatic chamber, Oven and freezer

Thermal shock chamber

Stroboscope (speed meter)

Spark plug tester

Starter motor tester

Alternator tester

Temperature resistance tester (NTC & PTC )

Speed sensor tester

Glass lift motor tester

Inductance and capacitor load simulator

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