Vehicle Dynamic & Homologation Lab


*Handling & Steering tests(According to ISO standards and EEC Directives)

Subjective Appraisal

Steering Effort

Steady state circular

Random steering input

Sinusoidal steer input

Step steer input

Sever lane change

Braking in turn

*Ride comfort test(According to ISO standard)

*Braking  tests (According to ECE Regulation and EEC Directive)

Type 0 (stopping distance )

Type I (fade test)

Parking Brake performance

Wheel lick sequence

Cold performance

Speed sensitivity

Water immersion & recovery

Morning sharpness

Pedal feeling

Anti lock system

*Performance & Drivability tests (According to ISO , JIS , SAE Standards.

Fuel consumption


Max speed

Long & Steep hill climbing

Coasting capability

Minimum  turning radius

Traction capability

*evaluation and Modification services

Suspension tuning (spring , dashpot and Roll bar)

Evaluation and benchmark of components (Tire , steering system and dashpot)

* Single Vehicle approval inspection

* Homologation consultancy


Measurement  steering Wheel sensor(MSW)

Longitudinal GPS speed sensor

Pedal force sensor and digital displayer

Fuel flow measurement

20 Hz GPS Pata logger with slip , Pitch and Roll Angle

Inertial measurement unit

General Description

Objective & subjective evaluation of Vehicle Ride , handling , Braking and Performance are now recognized as being fundamental part of vehicle dynamic behavior improvement.
The ITRAC vehicle dynamic department is capable to do tests as Evaluation & Improvement , homologation and benchmarking , whilst being aware of the Importance of fast , accurate and cost effective analysis.

Iran Test & Research center for Auto Parts and Components (ITRAC Co.)

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