Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC in Automotive Industry)


Burst, surge, Micro cut Electrostatic discharge Radiated immunity for components

Conducted emmision from components

Radiated emmision from vehicles & components



Micro pluse Generator
Load dump Generator
Blectricel fast Generalor
Volage crop sinuiaior

Radieted immunity:

CTEM cel 500
Signal generetor (9KHz-2.2GHz AM/FM /phase modulation)
Power meter
Amplifier(20MHz-1GHz ; 120 W)
Amplifier(1GHz-2GHz ; 25 W)

Electrostatic Discharge:

Power supply and control unit up to 30kv for air and up to10kv for contact
Air discharge unit (150pf&330pf/2000& 330)
Contact discharge unit: (150pf&330pf/2000& 330)

Radiated and Conducted Emmision:

Artificial network
Bilog antenna & mast (30 MHz-1 GHz)
Open area Test site (OATS)

General Description

The first EMC test laboratory in Vehicle Industry, capable of pro- viding services required by man- ufacturer and supplier electrical and electronic parts according to International and factory slan- 08r05.

Iran Test & Research center for Auto Parts and Components (ITRAC Co.)

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