Calibration &Metrology Lab


Calibration of various types of dimensional metrology instruments

Calibration of various types of control gauges and fixtures

Calibration of various types of hydraulic and pneumatic pressure and vacuum gauges

Calibration of various types of analytical balances

Calibration of various types of ovens, furnaces and freezers

Calibration of temperature and humidity in test instruments

Calibration of various types of precision squares

Calibration of various types of durometers

Calibration of rotation per minute (rpm)

Dimensional Measurement

3D Coordinate Measurement

Gear Parameters Measurement

Surface Roughness Measurement

Grinding Surfaces Analysis (Topography)

Geometric Tolerances Measurement

Cam Parameters Measurement

Thread Parameters Measurement

Bolt & Nut Friction Measurement

Spline Parameters Measurement


Precision universal length measurement (ULM) with graduation of 0.0001 mm

Gauge block calibrator with graduation of 0.00001 mm

Hydraulic and pneumatic pressure gauge calibrator with precision of 80 PPM

Precision height gauge with graduation of 0.0001 mm

Reference granite square

Dial indicator calibrator with graduation of 0.0002 mm

Standard masses (E2 class)

Precision balance with graduation of 0.1 gr. And range of 32 Kgr.

Gauge block sets (grade K)

Angular gauge set

Durometers calibrator

Various types of precision temperature and humidity sensors

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM

Gear Measuring Machine (GMM)

VMS))Video measuring machine

Roughness Tester

Contour Graph

Geometric Tolerances Measuring Machine

Profile Projector

Level Meter NT 2000

Digital Height Gages

General Description

Sapco Calibration Lab. has proudly received ISO 17025 accreditation from DAP/Germany / and the ISIRI accreditation for calibration of dimensional properties, pressure, force, temperature & humidity. All calibration certificates issued by this lab, are in accordance with the latest international regulations and requirements. We offer our service to the Iranian industry sector and specifically to IKCo. Industrial group.

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