Vibration Fatigue


Vibration tests with different wave forms such as  SINE, Sweep Sine , RANDOM,SHOCK , SOR,ROR,SOROR & Shock

Combined test /Vibration & climatic

Road simulation.

Transient signals.

Resonance frequency search and Resonance Dwell test

Strength tests and all fatigue test methods on Auto parts and assemblies like suspension system.

Exceptional and maximum load test.

different parameters controlling  strategy such as load  or
displacement or  acceleration  and or strain control ,ect

Dynamic Strain measurement and dynamic stress analysis.

High Cycle Fatigue test

4 Poster test -Full vehicle vibrational test

Shock & Bump test


Electro-dynamic shakers with 50kN load, 100g acceleration and 50 mm displacement capacity.

Combined Climatic chambers.

8 axis servo hydraulic universal test system: the ability of performing variety of fatigue and endurance test in 8 axis (separately or synchronically) with 250 mm displacement and 63 kN load capacity in each axis.

1 axis servo hydraulic fatigue test with 250 mm displacement and 250 kN load capacity.

Drop & free fall shock test machine

General Description

This laboratory is focused on 2 main sections: Shock & Vibration and Endurance & Fatigue by means of electro-dynamic shakers and servo hydraulic actuators

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