Mechanism Lab


Vehicle lock Endurance test

Antenna Endurance test

Light switch Endurance test

Wiper switch Endurance` test

Suspension rubber Endurance test

Break handle Endurance test

Glove box Endurance test

Door electrical window winder Endurance (glass lift) test

Air vent Endurance test

Child lock Endurance test

Door panel Endurance test

External door handle test

Internal door handle test

Break handle efficiency test

Airbag module test

Static deployment test

Interior fitting test

Seat belt retainer test

Coil endurance and performance test

switch endurance and performance test


Lifting Jack  Endurance

Liver gear shift  Endurance

Ball pin Impact


Rotational bending

Door slam

General Description

This laboratory is established to perform endurance and performance tests on vehicle part and mechanisms. 'Laboratory facilities cover a full range of systems, subsystems and component.

Iran Test & Research center for Auto Parts and Components (ITRAC Co.)

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