Polymer & Textile Laboratory


Tensile , Tear , and Shear strength

Compression strength

Bending strength

Adhesion strength (Peeling and hose adhesion)

Hardness test (IRHD, SHORE, Rockwell

Impact test (Falling weight and Izod / Charpy)

Softening point of plastics (HDT, VICAT)


Thermal and low temperature resistance

Climatic test


Resilience test

Abrasion tests

Water absorption

Ozone resistance




Tensile machine


Rockwell hardness tester

IRHD hardness tester

Shore hardness tester



Swelling tester

HDT/VICAT tester

MFI tester

Rotary abrasion tester

Taber abrasion tester

Rubber abrasion tester

Water absorption under vacuum

Izod/Charpy impact tester

Ozone tester

Climate chamber

Gehman Tester

General Description

Since development of using polymer materials in auto industry and its importance, polymer laboratory has been equipped with modern instruments and expert staffs for testing auto parts and consulting the O.E. suppliers.
Today, this laboratory operates in three divisions:
Rubbers , Plastics , Composites , Textiles , adhesives and Foams
According to international and in-house standard methods, we have been accredited for over 100 test methods under to ISO 17025 quality system, which it has increased the accuracy and test speed and has reduced equipment and human errors to provide customer satisfaction.

Iran Test & Research center for Auto Parts and Components (ITRAC Co.)

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