• Hoses & tubes

    • Burst
    • Leaking
    • Permeation
    • Durability (Continued operation)
    • Impact
    • Resistance at low temperature
    • Bending of house

  • Cylinder valve, check valve, Regulator, Manual valve, Pressure gauge and other kit components

    • Overpressure(strength test)
    • Pressure cycle
    • Temperature cycle at working pressure
    • Leakage
    • Durability (Continued operation)
  • Cylinders

    • Hydrostatic pressure burst
    • Ambient, low & high temperature pressure cycling

  • Leak before break , Bonfire
  • Penetration (gunfire)
  • Acid environment
  • Composite flaw tolerance
  • High temperature creep
  • Accelerated stress rupture
  • Resin shear strength , Impact damage
  • Boss torque , Permeation
  • Natural gas cycling


  • Static or cycle hydraulic pressure (water): with frequency range up to 10 cycle/min and max. pressure of 1500 bar.
  • Static or cycle pneumatic pressure (air): with frequency range up to 5 cycle/min and max. pressure of 400 bar.
  • Impulse test (oil): with frequency range up to 0.5 HZ and max. pressure of 200 bar.
  • Leakage (air): Doing leakage of cylinder valve, regulator and other CNG kit equipments under working pressure and more up to 400 bar.
  • Temperature cycle test: temperature cycle form -40ºc to 85/120ºc under max. working pressure.
  • Helium leak detector: measuring leakage with helium and high accuracy.