Mission of ITRAC Company​

Expanding the ability to perform tests required by domestic industries, especially the automotive industry based on national and international standards Identifying and evaluating the laboratory facilities available in the country in order to meet the needs of the automotive industry in order to help improve the quality of domestic products and facilitate exports. Cultivation and development of human resources as the main focus of increasing productivity Development of quality management system in order to provide customer satisfaction and gain international credit Cooperation and participation in the implementation of “research projects based on customer needs”

Providing effective laboratory, technical and engineering related services in various industries, especially the automobile industry, in order to meet the needs of customers to ensure the quality of products, as well as participate in optimizing the design and safety of products by taking advantage of the development and improvement of laboratory equipment, technology and World-class knowledge with the aim of meeting national and international standards

Obtaining the highest market share in providing laboratory services in the automobile, rail and other related industries in the country until the end of 1404