• Vibration tests with different wave forms such as SINE, Sweep Sine , RANDOM,SHOCK , SOR,ROR,SOROR & Shock , Combined test /Vibration & climatic
  • Road simulation , Transient signals.
  • Resonance frequency search and Resonance Dwell test
  • Strength tests and all fatigue test methods on Auto parts and assemblies like suspension system.
  • Exceptional and maximum load test.
  • different parameters controlling strategy such as load or displacement or acceleration and or strain control ,ect
  • Dynamic Strain measurement and dynamic stress analysis.
  • High Cycle Fatigue test , 4 Poster test -Full vehicle vibrational test
  • Shock & Bump test


  • Electro-dynamic shakers with 50kN load, 100g acceleration and 50 mm displacement capacity.
  • Combined Climatic chambers.
  • 8 axis servo hydraulic universal test system: the ability of performing variety of fatigue and endurance test in 8 axis (separately or synchronically) with 250 mm displacement and 63 kN load capacity in each axis.
  • 1 axis servo hydraulic fatigue test with 250 mm displacement and 250 kN load capacity.
  • Drop & free fall shock test machine