• Metal hardness testing in all scales: Vickers , Brinell ,knop ,Rockwell.
  • Microstructure and Metallographic tests with general light microscopes and scanning Electron microscope(SEM) such as: Determination of Austenite and Ferrite grain size ,Inclusions content , Case depth and evaluation of Heat Treatment and process defects.
  • Mechanical testing of Materials as :Tensile and Impact.
  • Quality and thickness of different coatings
  • Fractography, consideration of fractured surface to evaluate the probable causes of fracture with Stereo microscope and SEM.
  • Non-Destructive test: eddy current , Ultrasonic, Magnetic particles and Liquid Penetration on ferrous and non Ferrous parts
  • Metal element analysis of Iron ,Aluminium , copper and zinc base alloy by optical emission spectrometery.
  • Reasearching tests as : Wear Resistance (Reciprocal and Pin on Disc Mecuanisms)and Hardenability of steels(JOMINY), Heat Treatment with furnace and salt bath in different cooling Media such as:Water, Oil and Air.

* Attn: Ultrasonic and Eddy current Inspection and magnetic particles can be done by(professioned) persons with level 2 cerificate.



  • Wolpert Hardness tester up to 3000 kgf (Brinell, Rockwell and Vicker )
  • Wolpert hardness tester 10 gr to 10kgf( vicker and knop)
  • wolpert Universal hardness tester 1 kg to 250kgf ( Brinell , Vickers , SHIMADZU hardness tester Equo Tip.
  • Image Analyser ZEISS microscope with magnification up to 1000X.
  • Stereo Microscope LEICA with magnification up to 40X
  • scanning electron Microscopy (SEM) LEO with up to 300000 X magnification and ability to microanalysis .
  • Ultrasonic Non-Destructive tests(STAVELVE)
  • Eddy current Non-Destructive tests(STAVELVE)
  • Magnetic Particles(KARL DEUTCH)
  • Tnsile test ZWICK 5 tons with extensometer.