• All test activities in this lab are categorized in the following main sections:

    • 1. Paint & metallic coatings tests
    • 2. Chemical Analysis (of metallic elements & polymer materials)
    • 3. Chemical analysis of Refrigerant gas
  • Chemical analysis of PGM on catalytic convertor & grinding up to micron size
  • Quality control testing of metallic and paint coating such as Corrosion testing ، Artificial ageing to UV, Artificial ageing to climatic change and artificial sunlight (Xenotest) ،Colorimetric and grain measuring with eye & equipments Coating weight, staining, rubbing, whitening , Coating detection ,…
  • Chemical analysis by wet chemistry methods of metal elements (Cd, Cr, Ni, Co,) by Atomic absorption & Carbon sulfur analysis, Polymer base analysis by FT-IR & TGA, Analysis of inorganic fillers of polymers
  • Quality control of chemical parameters of refrigerant gas (such as R134a) by GC-FID-TCD, Karl fisher ,…


  • ICP-OES ,GC-FID-TCD ,Karl-Fisher ,Xenotest (Atlas Beta –LM), Atomic absorption (Varian AA200)
  • FT-IR (Perkin Elmer GX),C-S mat 6250,Climatic chamber (Angelantoni-ACS) , Accelerated weathering tester (QUV/Spray)
  • Spectraflash (Datacolor ،Pendulum hardness tester ،Electronic crockmeter ،Precision Balance (At-400, AG-204)
  • Spectralight III cabin (Gretamacbeth) ،Multiangle spectrophotometer (X-Right MA681T)
  • Gloss meter (Micro-triangle),100% Humidity chambers
  • Immersion in water chamber ،HPLR solar box ،Salt spray chambers ,Oven , Furnace , Ball mill , …