Iran Test & Research center for Auto Parts and Components


Iran Test & Research center for Auto parts and Components Company (ITRAC CO.) was established in 1376 (1997) based on a strategic thought and with reference to directive number 156 issued by the commission of policy making in automobile industry. Parallel to gradual construction and development of ITRAC laboratories, assigning the directorship of Iran Khodro laboratories and SAPCO in 1381 (2002) and 1392 (2013) led to recognition of ITRAC as the greatest experimental center of automobile industry in Iran and one of the greatest in Middle East.

ITRAC’s Vision

To provide testing and engineering services to world class auto-manufacturers and component suppliers in the Region by 2021.

ITRAC Missions

Effective provision of laboratory services, related technical and engineering support in various industries, especially the automotive industry, in order to satisfy customers' needs to ensure the quality of products, as well as contributing to the optimization of the design and safety of products by means utilizing, developing and upgrading laboratory equipment, technology and up-to-date knowledge in order to meet national and international standards

Currently, more than 62 percent of ITRAC’s stock is owned by SAPCO and the rest belongs to 77 auto parts and components manufacturers. This company is located next to SAPCO in a 39000 square meter site including 10000 square meter of experimental and 3000 square meter of administrative / installation space. In sum, in two experimental sites directed by ITRAC, 186 personnel are working while more than 60 percent of them are technical experts and technicians.
Most of ITRAC’s laboratories have been approved by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran.

Certifications & Accreditations

Laboratories of automobile and dynamic force, light testing, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), vibration, electrical machines and CNG are several of those that have been granted the above approval. Also, ITRAC has been approved by national accreditation body for the federal Germany (DAKKS) in system of experimental quality management (ISO 17025) with the registration number DPT-PL-3402.00.
In line with its mission and perspective, ITRAC, currently, holds the directorship of the following laboratories.

ITRAC Co. Managing Director and Board of Directors

ITRAC CEO and Board of Directors based on their experience are always trying to improve the automotive industry .

Davod Jahandideh

Managing Director and Member of the Board

To provide the best testing and engineering services to world-class auto manufacturers and component suppliers in the region.

Mohammad Reza Najafimanesh

Chairman of the Board

hasan shenasa

Member of the Board

Ataollah Pourmahmoud

Member of the Board

Fahime Zare Soorkali

Member of the Board

Keyvan Moradi

Financial,Economical & Commercial Deputy